FIVE Gruesome and Grisly True Crime Cases From the UK

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A kebab restaurant dismemberment, an untreatable madman, a Victorian murder, bikini bloodbath, and a Valentine’s Day slaying, here are five gruesome and grisly true crime cases from the UK.

Kebab Restaurant Dismemberment

On 1st September 2020, 32-year-old student Lorraine Cox was lured to an apartment above a kebab shop in Exeter by Iraqi asylum seeker Azam Mangori. After having sex, Azam suffocated Lorraine with her own t-shirt. He then left her on the floor of his apartment for an entire week.

When the smell of decomposition set in, he went to a local hardware shop and bought the necessary tools to cut up the body. He disposed of the remains in local bins and in shallow graves in nearby woods. He was caught when investigators saw him with Lorraine on CCTV footage. Azam was sentenced the following year to 20 years in prison.

FIVE Gruesome and Grizzly True Crime Cases From the UK
Kebab shop killer Azam Mangori after his arrest. (Stoke Police)

The Untreatable Madman

During September 2004, David Gonzalez went on a killing spree wearing a hockey mask like Jason Vorhees from the Friday The 13th films. Despite the mask, he claimed he was more similar to Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street. On 15th September, he left his mother’s home in London and caught a train to the South Coast.

In Stockport, he crept up behind 73-year-old Marie Harding who was walking alone on a footpath then stabbed her in the back before cutting her throat in a gruesome and grisly murder. He fled back to London but two days later on the 17th, decided to kill again. He caught a train to Tottenham where he stabbed to death 46-year-old Kevin Molloy.

Two hours later, he broke into a home in Highgate where he stabbed to death an elderly couple. He was arrested outside Tottenham Court Road Tube Station where he was covered in blood and holding a knife. David was held in custody at the Broadmoor psychiatric hospital where doctors described him as untreatable. He killed himself in 2007.

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Victorian London Christmas Murder

On Christmas afternoon in Victorian London 1872, 27-year-old sex worker Harriet Buswell was found in her room by her landlady with her throat slashed, and the door locked from the outside. Her throat had been cut from ear to ear, and her bedclothes were stained with blood.

Investigators at the crime scene reported that one of her wounds was large enough to fit a man’s fist in. What really happened to Harriet that night remains a mystery, beyond the evidence of the murder. Her death became known as the Great Coram Street Murder and is one of the most gruesome Victorian murders.

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Bikini Bloodbath

3rd August 1990 was one of the hottest days of the century in Darlington, County Durham. 44-year-old mother of three Ann Heron was making the most of the weather sunbathing in her bikini in the garden of her and her husband’s large property. At 5pm that afternoon, someone walked into the garden and cut Ann’s throat.

The killer removed Ann’s bikini bottoms and left her to die in a pool of blood. She managed to crawl to the living room where she was found by her husband a couple of hours later. The amount of blood lost led to the carpet around the body becoming soaked with it and one officer claiming it to be a bloodbath. To this day, her killer has never been caught.

FIVE Gruesome and Grizzly True Crime Cases From the UK
Victim Ann Heron, in the months before her murder. (

Valentine’s Day Village Murder

Valentine’s Day 1945, in the quaint village of Lower Quinton, Warwickshire, 74-year-old gardener Charles Walton was murdered in a gruesome and grizzly fashion. His body was found on Firs Farm that evening when he failed to return home. He had been beaten with his own stick and had his neck cut open with a gardening tool.

To top it off, the killer had shoved a pitchfork through his neck, pinning him to the ground, and a cutting hook was embedded in the side of his neck. A cross had also been carved on his chest. Despite accusations of witchcraft in the community, Walton’s killer has never been found and the gruesome and grisly murder remains unsolved.

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