20 Zany Real-Life True Crime Teasers from Bizarre True Crime #12

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‘More enthralling than a room full of crime-solving cats!’

Ready for another round of true crime teasers? Here are the 20 real-life true crime teasers for stories you can find in Bizarre True Crime Volume 12.

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Not So Heavenly Creatures

The bizarre case of two teenage girls who fell in love, created their own religion, entered a parallel dimension called The Fourth World, then carried out the premeditated murder of one of their mothers.

The Creepy Tale Of The Papin Sisters

Two servant sisters brutally murdered their employers in the most horrific ways, leaving detectives wondering if it was a case of mounting workplace tension or a manifestation of something far more sinister.

The Evil In Her Eyes

A nurse in Somerset visited a home-bound patient but the evil in the patient’s eyes were so strong, the nurse plucked them out and killed her.

The Lionheart Project Fraud

A middle-aged woman who committed fraud, conned people into donating money to a fake humanitarian project after claiming she had links to the Dalai Lama then used the money to fund her extravagant lifestyle.

Biggest Military Hack in History

A UK-based hacker who was known as Solo, hacked into almost 100 American military and NASA servers from the comfort of his girlfriend’s aunt’s house, all because he was looking for evidence of UFOs.

Convicted After Death-Bed Confession

A prisoner had a heart attack and believed he was going to die, so he confessed to an unsolved 15-year-old murder to get it off his chest, however, he survived, and was later charged with the crime

The Murdermobile

A killer who called himself the Sick Ripper, drove around town in his Murdermobile, claimed seven lives, and buried them behind a strip mall in a place he called The Garden.

The Child Serial Killer Mary Bell

Mary Bell was only ten when she strangled her first victim and left a haunting confession for the family, then two months later she mutilated a young boy, which caused some researchers to refer to her as the devil in child form.

Kiss Of The Vampire

A Vampiric serial killer named Béla Kiss drained the blood of 24 victims and pickled their bodies in metal drums – before evading capture and falling into the realm of mythology.

Chop Me Up

The Slovakian Cannibal contacted people on suicide forums claiming he would end their lives painlessly, with one catch – he wanted to eat their remains.

The Kobe Cannibal

A Japanese businessman moved to Paris where he killed a female friend then cannibalised her over a period of two days. He was never convicted and was released only five years later.

Brain On Fire

A man who thought he was a 700-year-old vampire, shot dead his grandmother with gold bullets and drank her blood. He believed he required the blood of his elders to survive because his brain was on fire.

Killed For Winning The Lottery

A generous lottery winner found himself a target of greedy friends and strangers until he met someone he trusted, someone who eventually scammed him out of the winnings and then murdered him to conceal the evidence.

The North Pond Hermit

A man who chose a life of solitude, spending 27 years in the wilds of Maine was eventually arrested after being suspected of more than 1,000 burglaries.

Queen of the Damned Killer

A man obsessed with the occult and Queen of the Damned, sacrificed his friend, ate parts of his head and drank his blood from a cup, in an effort to become a vampire and gain immortality.

The Richmond Murderess

A bizarre case described as ‘one of the most sensational and awful chapters in the annals of human wickedness’, involving a murderous maid, dismemberment, and a macabre discovery 130 years later that changed the history of the case.

Murderous Old Hags

To those who knew them, they were two trustworthy members of the older generation but behind their innocent masks, they were nothing more than greedy, murderous old hags who claimed the lives of at least two men.

The Wedding Day Murders & The Fox

While he was on the run from the law, a notorious criminal murdered three members of the same family at a wedding party, kicking off a month-long manhunt in which he lived in the wild, and called himself ‘The Fox’.

The $19M Armored Truck Caper

Frustrated with his low wages, a daring security guard robbed a staggering $19million in cash from Wells Fargo, nearly pulling off the heist of the century, until he made a fatal error.

Man Fakes Death For Nothing

A traffic stop led to a man believed dead for 20 years, who had faked his own death because of paranoia that the police and other people were after him. It turns out, no-one was after him and he faked his death for nothing.

You don’t need to have read the other Bizarre volumes to enjoy this one.

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