Biggest List of True Crime Podcasts on the Internet

Browse the biggest list of true crime podcasts on the internet using the buttons below. For listeners and podcasters, you’ll find the FAQ at the bottom of the page. If you’ve listened to podcasts on this list that you’ve enjoyed, then please share them with your friends and community. It’s free to do and helps immeasurably!

There are 917 true crime podcasts listed, as of April 2023.

Mega List of True Crime Podcasts

Put on those headphones after a long day at work, spread out on a sofa, your heartbeat slows, tension eases, cushions tight to your chest, you hit PLAY.

Boom, you find yourself sucked into a real-life story, an adventure to the dark side, eager to know what comes next, what great tales will be told.

The narrator’s passion and their stories see your emotions soar and fall, you’re on the ride until the end of the tracks, no getting off.

Your heartbeat quickens as the story moves, lies exposed, truths relayed, a conspiracy upended, murderers caught, killers escaped, boundaries come crashing down.

When the story is done and dusted, you look in the mirror and realise that you’re safe, the fear has subsided, you’ve learned something, explored history, and been entertained along the way.

Real life crime is a fascinating and valuable area of historical study for people of all ages. It is as important as academic history.

By listening to these podcasts, you are not only supporting fascinating creative individuals, but taking an active part in the history of the world.

Bet you didn’t expect that when you went searching for a list of true crime podcasts?!

Listener FAQ

Are all the podcasts active?

Most of the podcasts listed will have had their last episode within the past 12 months. Some have ended their run and have been left up for future listeners to enjoy.

What about one-off podcasts?

Some podcasts end their run after a certain number of episodes, completing the story they want to tell. Though there are no new episodes, the stories are complete and worth listening to. Many of this style of podcast focus on one case, where no new information is incoming.

Are you biased towards a particular podcast?

We have no bias towards any podcast. The list is in alphabetical order with each podcast represented by the same size image.

Can I add a podcast to the list?

Ensure it’s not listed first then comment/message @truecrimelists on Twitter or send an email to Please allow up to seven days for a response via email.

How often is the list updated/checked?

If there are new additions/changes to be made, the list is updated at least every seven days, sometimes longer.

Do you screen the podcasts you add?


What to do if I’ve found a podcast with questionable content?

The true crime genre is full of questionable content, it’s meant to spark emotions. There is no true crime code of conduct, though we attempted one. We will only remove podcasts if they are found to contain illegal content. Apple has a good article on podcast guidelines.

Podcaster FAQ

How do I get a podcast listed?

Comment/message @truecrimelists on Twitter or send an email to Please allow up to seven days for a response via email.

How much does it cost?

Zero. Nada. Nothing. It’s completely FREE and always will be! Though, a link back to this page, or shoutout, would be much appreciated!

Guidelines for getting podcast listed!

1. A publicly accessible logo.
2. Episodes listed on at least one public service.
3. Must contain a minimum of 50% true crime content.
4. Should not contain illegal content.

How do I get a podcast removed?

Comment/message @truecrimelists on Twitter or send an email to

How long does it take to add/remove a podcast?

Please allow at the very least seven days. This mega list is a free service for listeners and podcasters, as such it is not updated daily.

Why does my podcast have that particular link?

It’s preferable to link to linktree/genius page but not everyone has this.
The link therefore is taken from the most popular in the Google search for your podcast name.
The aim is to work it top down, first from your own website, then Spotify, Apple, Amazon, and podcast aggregators.
The more links you have on one page, the more options a listener has.

Can I change my link/logo?

If you’ve sent an email/Twitter message to add a podcast, then we will use the link & logo you gave us.
If your main link or logo have changed, let us know.
Comment/message @truecrimelists on Twitter or send an email to Please allow up to seven days for a response via email. Changes will not happen instantly.
Please note that we only use your logo for the purposes of promotion relating to your podcast.