13 True Crime Podcasts to Batter Your Eardrums This Holiday Season.

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If spending time with the in-laws this holiday season is grinding you down, then you’re going to need some true crime podcasts to keep you sane.

Here are 13 true crime podcasts to batter your eardrums this holiday season. All have appeared on other true crime podcasts lists throughout 2022.

Always Time for True Crime

Host, Julia Dow, has always been interested in true crime – the cruelness that some humans are capable of.

Always Time for True Crime was created in February 2020 and strives to share cases that are less well known. You won’t hear Jon Benet or Ted Bundy on this podcast!

Reverie True Crime

Reverie means to daydream but sometimes when we zone out, intrusive thoughts can creep in. We might start to think about our anxieties and worst fears. Sometimes we get caught up in obscure thoughts about disturbing events occurring, or that have occurred, in the world. As humans, we can naturally become curious about these horrible happenings in life.

Paige narrates stories of crimes, sits down and talks with victims’ loved ones, chats with other podcasters, survivors, and occasionally tells haunting, creepy stories. She is passionate about all aspects of these true stories. Shedding light on the dark, terrifying things that have happened, and still happen in the world, is very important to her.

Paige hopes that through these stories she can bring awareness to injustices, important issues, evil deeds that have taken place, and the scary reveries around us that hide in plain sight.

You can email case suggestions and even your personal paranormal/strange and/or crime related stories to ReverieTrueCrime@gmail.com.

Lullaby: The Fear

Born and raised in the Canadian Rockies, Ashley Lanna found her passion for true crime at a young age. Reading forensic novels, psychology texts, and criminal biographies growing up sparked her interest in behavioral analysis.

After years of listening to true crime podcasts Ashley decided it was her time to share her enthusiasm for dissecting the the criminal psyche. Ashley is not a psychologist, however her immersive research has manifested into “Lullaby: The Fear Podcast”.

Murder Mile UK True Crime

A true-crime podcast and audio guided walk of London’s most notorious (and often forgotten) murder cases, 300+ mysterious deaths all set within West London, and featuring vivid descriptions, eye-witness testimony and authentic sounds recorded from the location itself, as well as a website full of photos, videos and maps, so that no matter where you’re listening to this podcast, you’ll feel like you’re actually there.

Gone, But Never Forgotten

Gone, But Never Forgotten is a podcast that tells mostly Canadian true crime stories. Disappearances, solved and unsolved murders and more.

Method & Madness

Method and Madness is an independent true crime podcast. The focus is on immersive story-telling and victim advocacy. Dive in and let’s unravel the madness.

The True Crime Files

Welcome to The True Crime Files Podcast! A bi-weekly podcast focusing on mysterious disappearances and unsolved murders.

You’ll find that our show covers a diversity of victims and perspectives. And our short episode format will help you know a case very well in only 10 to 15 minutes.

The Murder In My Family

Hosted By Mike Morford AKA ‘Morf’ co-host of the Criminology Podcast. His podcast gives family members of murder victims a voice & platform.

The Crime Diner

“We are a true-crime podcast that shares food and wine recommendations while telling a collection of incredible true stories.

It‘s kind of like Dateline, meets 60 minutes, meets Oprah, meets Rachael Ray, only without the investigative journalism or professionalism.

Join us each week as we cook, drink, and listen to each other tell real life stories of true crime, mystery, suspense, triumph, and much more! Formerly Wine, Dine, and Storytime.”

Gone Cold Podcast – Texas True Crime

Gone cold podcast – texas true crime, explores unsolved homicides and missing persons cases throughout the state of Texas, providing the victims and their families with a voice.

True Crime BnB

“Welcome to the True Crime BnB! We’re a mother-daughter team (Beth and Bailey) of true crime aficionados. In our episodes, one of us will share a story that will drag your mind down to the dungeon, and the other will share something that will try to lift it back up again. Come join our Crime Family, there’s room for everyone here!”

The Ruby Pearl Glamper True Crime Podcast

Discussing True Crime Stories Old and New plus current Trial Coverage.

Citizen Detective

Citizen Detective is hosted by Mike Morford, Alex Ralph, and cold case analyst Dr. Lee Mellor.

Each episode of Citizen Detective is recorded live alongside armchair detectives and Citizen Sleuths, and the team is joined by special guests and experts from the world of true crime in an effort to crowd-solve perplexing mysteries and cold cases.

Explore hundreds of true podcasts right here!

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