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Originally published on Write the Planet, 13th January 2023.

New book release – Vampires: Monsters of True Crime. Available as an eBook or print versions. Release date: 12th January 2023. Available HERE.

Real-life vampire stories from the world of true crime.

They walk among us and look just like you and me. They are our neighbours, friends, colleagues, that figure sitting opposite you on the train, or a family member from yesteryear. They are here and they are as real as the person you see looking back in the mirror.

Contained within these blackened pages are real-life tales of vampire killers, blood drinkers, criminals with a taste for blood, and those who wander the shadows of our world. This book isn’t concerned with myth or vampire lore, instead focusing on real people with vampiric tendencies.

Real killers who drank the blood of their victims. Real people. Real lives.

What’s inside Vampires: Monsters of True Crime?

We traverse the annals of vampiric history from the 16th Century to the 21st to learn that vampires do indeed walk the earth. They are human creations, besotted with violence, murder, and the drinking of human blood.

At the heart of the stories are the victims, the lost souls, those who fell under the knife of a true monster. To tell the story of the vampires, is to tell their story alongside it, so that they may never be forgotten.

Here, we look at 15 real-life vampire cases from the world of true crime. In an attempt to not only understand why they committed the acts they did, but to witness the horrors of their deeds.

Stakes at the ready!

Warning: due to the nature of this book and the subject it discusses, there are depictions of self-harm included in some of the stories. This is from the outset of this book.

Vampires: Monsters of True Crime is part of the new Monsters series from Ben Oakley and Twelvetrees Camden. With another three volumes to be released over the coming months!


Vampires: Monsters of True Crime

Originally published on Write the Planet, 13th January 2023.

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