True Crime On This Day September 6th

True Crime On This Day September 6th

September 6th

On September 6th, in true crime, there was a bombing, murder, unsolved hit-and-run, and the mysterious case of the two Cheryl’s.


In Speedway, Indiana, the last of eight bombings takes place. The first explosion was on September 1st, when three separate bombs exploded in trash bins around the city.

No one was injured but the bombings saw the creation of a 100-strong taskforce to catch the perpetrator. Over the coming days, more bombs went off, one at a bowling alley and one under a police car.

The last bomb went off in the parking lot of Speedway High School shortly after a football game. Two people were injured in the explosion, including Vietnam war veteran Carl DeLong, who had to have his right leg amputated due to the injuries he received.

Shortly after, Brett Kimberlin was arrested and convicted of multiple charges relating to the bombings. To this day, his motives remain unknown.


In San Francisco, the body of 28-year-old mother Shirley Hill was found in her bungalow. She had been raped, beaten and strangled by Russell Coleman, who had left fingerprint evidence at the scene. In 1980,

Coleman was arrested for sexually abusing two young girls in separate incidents. It was then that he was linked to Hill’s death. He was convicted of the murder and abuse and sentenced to death in California. In 2000, his death sentenced was commuted to life without parole.


In Atlanta, Georgia, a black adult male was hit by a car at high speed and left to die on the side of the road. The incident happened on the I-75 and he was rushed to hospital where he died. The extent of his injuries were so severe that he could not be identified.

No one ever came forward to claim they knew him and no missing person in the area has ever matched his description. Over 40 years later, the identity of the victim and the suspect remain a mystery.


In Marina Del Rey, California, 28-year-old Cheryl Lynn Hall disappeared after an argument with her boyfriend. She stormed away from her boyfriend and was never seen again.

Curiously, on September 19th, just a few days later, the body of 20-year-old Cheryl Lynn Hall was found murdered in her Aurora, Chicago, apartment.

Though both had exactly the same name, there was no relation and no connection between the two. In 2012, Larry Galloway was sentenced to ten years for the manslaughter of Aurora’s Cheryl.

The Marina Del Rey Cheryl case remains unsolved, despite a lengthy investigation. No trace of her has ever been found.

Marina Del Rey, California.


In Coconino County, Arizona, 41-year-old Sheriff’s Deputy John B. Jamison was shot dead with an AR-15 rifle while attempting to make an arrest. He was killed by Anthony Lee Chaney and Deanna Jo Saunders-Coleman, who were on the run from a spate of burglaries in Texas and Colorado.

They were driving a stolen pick-up truck with 11 stolen firearms inside the vehicle when they were approached by Jamison. When another officer arrived at the scene on a routine patrol, Chaney opened fire and killed Jamison in a hail of gunfire. They were arrested the same afternoon.

Coleman was sentenced to 21-years for second-degree murder after testifying against Chaney, who was sentenced to death. He was executed by lethal injection in Arizona on February 16th 2000.


In Lebanon, on September 6th, 42 Christians were killed in separate attacks across the country. 25 from Mansourieh-Bahmdoun were killed. 11 more, mostly elderly, were killed in the village of al-Fouara in the Shuf, and six people were killed in Bkhashtey in Aley.

The murders happened during the Lebanese Civil War that took place between 1975 and 1990. During that period, an estimated 120,000 people were killed.

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