True Crime On This Day September 22nd

True Crime On This Day September 22nd

September 22nd

On September 22nd, throughout history, there have been unidentified victims, floating heads, mystery disappearances and serial killers.


In Fulton County, Georgia, the skeletal remains of an 18 to 30-year-old black man were discovered in a drainage ditch by a jogger.

The ditch was at the far end of a wooded area within the county that was popular with walkers. The victim had been killed approximately six months earlier. The identity of the victim and a possible attacker remain a mystery.

True Crime On This Day September 22nd


In Hudson County, New Jersey, the severed head of an identified female was spotted floating in the water near the 1 Street Pier. Passers-by alerted police and the head was recovered. The female was aged between 25 to 35-year-old when she died but there was no other evidence available to investigators.

It remains unclear whether the female had been murdered or had been involved in an accident. Some suspected the head belonged to any number of cold cases in the region but the mystery of the floating head remains unsolved.


In New York State, serial killer Joseph Gerard Christopher, AKA: .22-Caliber Killer, went on a two-day killing spree. On the first day, he shot dead Glenn Dunn outside of supermarket in Buffalo.

On the 23rd, he moved on to Cheektowaga where he shot dead 32-year-old Harold Green at a restaurant. In the evening of the 23rd, he killed 30-year-old Emmanuel Thomas, who was crossing the street to go home.

On the 24th, in Niagara Falls, Joseph McCoy was shot dead. By the time of his arrest in 1981, Christopher had killed at least 12 people. He was sentenced to life in prison but died in 1993 of natural causes.


In Zelienople, Pennsylvania, 16-year-old Seneca Valley High School student Michele Reidenbach disappeared in a suspected abduction. She also worked part-time at the Mel Den’s appliance store, in the Main Street of the city.

At 4.30pm, she left the store to buy some medicine as she told her boss she was feeling ill. Her boss last saw her in the car park of the Super Duper supermarket, talking to an unidentified person in a red car. It was the last time anyone ever saw her again.

She never returned to her job and left her personal effects behind at her workplace. Reidenbach was reported missing the same evening by her mother when she didn’t return home.

Investigators believe she was abducted by someone she knew and trusted as she was known to be streetwise and level-headed enough not to talk to strangers. Investigators questioned numerous suspects including her boyfriend but no one has ever been charged.

No trace of Reidenbach has ever been discovered. Her disappearance remains a mystery.


In Middlesex County, Connecticut, 26-year-old University of Hartford student Julianne Miller disappeared without a trace. She was last seen by her boyfriend, James Clayton, allegedly getting into a pickup truck with an unidentified man.

Miller left behind all her personal belongings, her beloved dog, and her own car. Investigators suspected Clayton of Miller’s disappearance and believed he killed her in the home they shared, burying the body somewhere near the Deep River and Cockaponset State Forest.

In May 2002, he was convicted in a military court of the murder of a military officer in 2001. He has never been charged with Miller’s alleged death and no trace of her has ever been found. The case remains open and unsolved.


In San Diego, California, two men were fishing when they discovered a body floating in a pond. The Hispanic man was pulled from the water but he had been dead for at least one day.

He had recognisable features and black hair but he has never been identified. The circumstances of his death remain a mystery.

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