True Crime On This Day October 3rd

True Crime On This Day October 3rd

October 3rd

On October 3rd, in true crime, the Marseille Bar Massacre happened, along with mystery disappearances, cold cases, and serial killers.


In France, the Marseille Bar Massacre took place. Ten people were shot dead by three armed gunmen in the Bar du Téléphone in Marseille. Everyone in the bar was killed except the owner’s wife,Nicole Léoni, who was in the back room at the time.


In Lynn, Massachusetts, 22-year-old mother of two Susan M. DeQuina vanished under suspicious circumstances. She had last been seen by her babysitter, who witnessed DeQuina leaving her home with her boyfriend to buy a fridge.

Her boyfriend, Michele Gagnon, was a member of the Hell’s Angels motorcycle gang. Two weeks after Susan disappeared, Gagnon’s friend was shot to death and dismembered.

A few weeks after that, Gagnon was found dead in another woman’s bedroom, he had died of a single bullet wound. DeQuina’s disappearance remains unsolved.


In the Netherlands, serial killer Jacobus Dirk ‘Koos’ Hertogs was arrested for the murder of three girls in 1979 and 1980. In the Hague, Netherlands, on May 11th 1979, 12-year-old Tialda Visser vanished after failing to return home from ballet class at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague.

Four days later her body was found not too far from where she had gone missing. She had been abducted and murdered byHertogs for pleasure. He was caught when an anonymous tip led to his arrest. In a press conference, the police claimed that his last victim, 11-year-old Edith Post, had bitten her attacker.

A visitor to a nightclub noticed the bouncer had bite marks on his fingers. That bouncer turned out to be Hertogs.


In Valdosta, Georgia, 30-year-old Ann Taylor Dorminey disappeared after last being seen in the early hours of the morning near her home. She was reported missing the same day when friends and family became worried about her wellbeing.

When investigators arrived, they discovered her personal pocketbook and vehicle were still at her residence. They also found one of the windows had been smashed from the inside out. Despite the lengthy investigation and the suspicious circumstances surrounding the case, no trace of Dorminey has ever been found.


On October 3rd, North of Indianapolis, the body of 14-year-old Delvoyd Baker was discovered on a roadside. He had been beaten and strangled to death by American serial killer Larry William Eyler, AKA: The Highway Killer.

Larry Eyler. Public Domain.

Eyler murdered between 21 and 24 teenage boys and young men between 1982 and 1984. The connection to Baker’s murder wasn’t made until many years after he was discovered. Eyler was captured on August 21st 1984 and sentenced to death. He died of AIDS-related complications on death row in 1994.


In Flagstaff, Arizona, the body of a white European male was found in hanging in a hotel room. He had checked into the hotel the night before and gave the name of Schneider to the manager, with an address located in Switzerland.

Witnesses claimed the man had been talking loudly on the phone in a European accent but were unsure if anyone had visited him in the night. Despite what looked like a suicide, investigators have never ruled out foul play.

The man has never been identified, and the details he gave to the manager were considered to be fake.

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