True Crime On This Day November 27th

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True Crime On This Day November 27th

November 27th

On November 27th in true crime, multiple assassinations, murder mystery, mysterious victims, and a Russian serial killer.


A double tragedy occurred In San Francisco on this day. Mayor George Moscone was assassinated by his former supervisor, Dan White.

White had previously moaned that he was wiped from the front page of the news when Jonestown had taken up all the media. The People’s Temple had relocated from San Francisco to Guyana and it had become the dominant news story until Moscone’s murder.

In the same location, the first openly gay elected official in the history of California, Harvey Milk, was assassinated by Dan White, the same man who murdered Moscone.

Milk had been elected as a state official on January 8th earlier in the year. Later, the San Francisco media would run with the headline; ‘A City in Agony’.


On a snowy evening in Greeley, Colorado, 29-year-old Evelyn Kay Day was strangled to death with the belt of her red ski jacket. The murder had taken place in her car but as the snow built up around it, her body remained undiscovered for 20 hours.

Six years earlier, a man she was dating had murdered her mother. In that case, a man was arrested and sentenced for the murder. He was still in prison when Evelyn Day was killed, and no connection could be found.

In another bizarre twist, two psychics contacted investigators and claimed that they had seen the killing using their powers.

Despite claiming to have valuable information on the death of Evelyn Day, none of their tips helped the investigation. Despite an investigation that included thousands of man hours and hundreds of suspects, no culprit was ever found.

Because of the snow, there were no footprints leading to or from the car. The murder remains unsolved and is an active cold case.


In El Salvador, politician and statesman Enrique Álvarez Córdova was kidnapped along with five others, in the country’s capital San Salvador.

They were taken to an area outside of the capital where they were all shot dead. Córdova had been shot 12 times. Their bodies were found the next day.

The right-wing extremist group Maximiliano Hernández Martínez Anti-Communist Brigade claimed responsibility for the kidnapping and subsequent murders. No arrests were ever made in relation to the murders.


In Limestone County, Texas, on November 27th, the body of an unidentified white male murder victim in his thirties was discovered in a field with two gunshot wounds to the head and chest.

Two deer hunters had found the body after thinking they had spotted the carcass of an animal.

Despite the bullet to the head, the man had a recognisable face but to this day has never been identified. His case remains unsolved, and no suspect has ever been caught.


In Perth Amboy, New Jersey, at 7.30am, the body of 21-year-old Claudette Watson was found in a wooded location behind the Madison Liquors store on Convery Boulevard.

She had been found by a man walking his dog and was last seen on her way to a party the night before.

An autopsy later confirmed she had died from multiple wounds sustained during an attack by an unknown assailant. The case has never been solved and is an active cold case in the State of New Jersey.


In Russia, the decomposing body of 22-year-old Valentina Chuchulina was discovered in a wooded area near Kirpichnaya Train Station. She had gone missing around two months earlier and was believed to have run away but the truth was far more macabre.

She had been tortured and mutilated by Russian serial killer Andrei Chikatilo, AKA: The Red Ripper. Chikatilo had enjoyed playing with the blood of his victims.

He chewed upon the organs of his female victims and the testicles of his few male ones. But he still maintained that he never ate them, he simply chewed and discarded.

Chikatilo was captured in 1990 and found guilty of 52 murders. He was sentenced to death and executed on February 16th 1994.

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