True Crime On This Day May 2nd

True Crime On This Day May 2nd

May 2nd

On May 2nd in true crime, hijacking and the Pope’s third secret, cold cases, murder, massacre, head job bob Satanist, barrel killings.


In the city of Litchfield, New Hampshire, the body of Massachusetts native 34-year-old Michael ‘J.T.’ McGuire was discovered in a wooded area just off Albuquerque Road.

It remains unclear what killed him as the autopsy was inconclusive, but investigators have long treated it as a suspicious death. As of 2022, McGuire’s death is an active cold case in the State of New Hampshire.


In Shelby County, Tennessee, Michael Angelo Coleman shot dead 69-year-old Leon Watson during a robbery.

Watson was on his way to the shops when he was attacked by Coleman, who killed him and left his body in a nearby field. Coleman was arrested the same day, convicted of murder and sentenced to death.


In Hebron, Palestine, six Jews were killed in a massacre that became known as the 1980 Hebron Terrorist Attack.

Three Israelis, two Americans and one Canadian were killed when four members of the Palestinian National Liberation Movement shot at them and threw grenades from the rooftops around an alley.

By that point, it was recognised as the deadliest attack in the West Bank since the Six Day War in 1967.

All four of the attackers were arrested in September of 1980 and sentenced to life in prison. They were later released in prisoner exchanges.


On the Gold Coast, Australia, British born soldier and self-confessed Satanist Robin Reid and his transexual soldier lover Paul Luckman picked up a young hitchhiker named John Bruce.

They blindfolded and handcuffed him at gunpoint before savagely beating him and deciding to let him go. Two days later, the pair kidnapped two young schoolboys, 13-year-old Peter Aston and 12-year-old Terry Ryan.

Reid brutally tortured both boys, including crushing Aston’s testicles with his bare hands and forcing Ryan to perform oral sex on Luckman. Aston was stabbed to death and buried alive only to die of his injuries a couple of hours later.

Remarkably, Ryan managed to persuade his attackers to let him go, and they drove him back to his family home. Ryan later confirmed that Reid had told him they had killed Aston as a sacrifice to Satan.

The pair were arrested shortly after. Both were sentenced to life in prison. In 1999, Luckman, who had changed his name to Nicole Louise Pearce, was released on parole.

Reid, who was known on his military base as Head Job Bob, has never been released and has had parole appeals rejected at every turn.


In San Francisco, the bodies of three victims, Brenda Oakden, Michael Thomas, and Phyllis Melendez, were found in oil drums that had been cemented shut.

They were killed by former police officer Anthony ‘Jack’ Scully who would later be convicted of seven murders. He had forced the trio to kneel before him, then shot them all in the back of the head. Their bodies were placed in the barrels and dumped in Golden Gate Park.

There were witnesses to the dumping of the barrels and police uncovered them soon after only to find Sully’s fingerprints all over them. Sully was known to have killed his previous victims during orgies of sex and cocaine.

On June 4th 1986, Sully was convicted of seven murders and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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