True Crime On This Day May 13th

True Crime On This Day May 13th

May 13th

On May 13th in true crime, serial killers, fake whisky scam, cold case murder, assassination attempt on the Pope, unsolved disappearance.


In South Carolina, Velma Barfield, an American female serial killer, was arrested. She had killed six people over the course of her life, mainly those close to her.

She was executed by lethal injection on November 2nd 1984. Her last meal was a bag of Cheetos and two glass bottles of Coca-Cola.


In Manila, Philippines, a raid on a bottling plant uncovered a huge scheme to create and sell fake Johnnie Walker Black Label Whisky all over the world.

The fallout involved dozens of Hong Kong businessmen and international lawyers who were recipients of the fake Whisky.

Many were offered financial opportunities to sell the bottles throughout their own networks of businesses. Most were simply served with injunctions stopping them from selling it.


In Houston, Texas, Floyd Shephard Denman was shot dead in his second-floor apartment by unidentified assailants. Neighbours had reported hearing an argument with at least two other males, shortly before the gunfire was heard.

Denman was found in the doorway of his apartment with multiple gunshot wounds. He died shortly after in hospital. Despite multiple witnesses, no suspects were ever caught and the reason behind the murder remains a mystery.


As he entered St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City, Pope John Paul II was shot and seriously wounded. The Turkish gunman, Mehmet Ali Ağca, used a Browning 9mm pistol to shoot the Pope in the stomach, which caused serious internal damage.

At the hospital, the Pope lost almost 75% of his blood and underwent five hours of surgery to save his life.

Ağca was a member of the Grey Wolves, a militant fascist group in Turkey. Ağca was restrained by a nun and other bystanders until police arrived.

He was sentenced to life in prison. In 1983, the Pope visited Ağca in prison. The 20-minute discussion has never been released to the public.

The Pope later claimed that the Blessed Virgin Mary helped keep him alive. His assassination attempt has been the subject of many conspiracies ever since.


In Broward County, Florida, 28-year-old Robin Sherrie Marlow vanished without a trace. She was reported missing by family members who became concerned for her welfare.

Despite a state-wide search, no trace of Marlow has ever been found, dead or alive. Throughout the years, many unidentified Jane Does have been linked to her but none have been proven. Her case remains open and unsolved.


In Charles City, Virginia, elderly couple Graham and Myra Adkins, who were in their late Seventies, were robbed and murdered by Willie Leroy Jones.

He knew the Adkins family through one of their sons and decided to rob them. He disguised himself as an undercover police officer who claimed to be looking for missing children.

Once he was welcomed into the Adkins home, he shot and killed Graham then tied up and gagged Myra.

He dragged her to a closet where he executed her with a bullet to the head and poured kerosene over her. He then broke into the couple’s safe and stole an estimated $30,000 (USD) before setting the house on fire in an attempt to hide his crimes.

He was arrested shortly after and subsequently sentenced to death. Jones was executed in the electric chair on September 11th, 1992.

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