True Crime On This Day March 8th

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True Crime On This Day March 8th

March 8th

On March 8th in true crime, Jack the Ripper hoax, robbery, murder in California, armed robbery, and multiple serial killers.


In England, Wearside Jack wrote his first letter to police. Wearside Jack was the name given to John Samuel Humble who pretended to be the Yorkshire Ripper.

The Yorkshire Ripper turned out to be Peter Sutcliffe who was convicted of murdering 13 women. Below is the letter sent to police from Wearside Jack.

“I am sorry I cannot give my name for obvious reasons. I am the Ripper. I’ve been dubbed a maniac by the Press but not by you, you call me clever and I am. You and your mates haven’t a clue that photo in the paper gave me fits and that bit about killing myself, no chance. I’ve got things to do. My purpose to rid the streets of them sluts. My one regret is that young lassie McDonald, did not know cause changed routine that night. Up to number 8 now you say 7 but remember Preston ’75. get about you know. You were right I travel a bit. You probably look for me in Sunderland, don’t bother, I am not daft, just posted letter there on one of my trips. Not a bad place compared with Chapeltown and Manningham and other places. Warn whores to keep off streets cause I feel it coming on again.

Sorry about young lassie.

Yours respectfully

Jack the Ripper

Might write again later I not sure last one really deserved it. Whores getting younger each time. Old slut next time I hope. Huddersfield never again, too small close call last one.”


In York County, Pennsylvania, 23-year-old John Zink was robbed and killed by his co-workers, Robert E. Altland and Bruce Silar.

They had left their workplace at Cole Steel and were on their way to Hellam Township to buy drugs. Along the way, they pulled into a gas station where Altland grabbed his gun and shot Zink four times, killing him instantly.

Altland was arrested shortly after and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Silar was found guilty of second-degree murder and sentenced to life.


In California, a 73-year-old female was tied up and beaten to death by odd-job contractor David Edwin Mason.

The victim knew Mason well and invited him into her apartment many times. He later took advantage of his position of trust and decided to rob her.

When she tried to activate an alarm system in her house, he tied her up, beat her and strangled her to death. Mason was arrested in 1982 and convicted of four murders. He was sentenced to death and executed on August 24th 1993.


In Orange County, Florida, grocery store customer James Melson was shot dead during a robbery. Armed robber Jerry White had entered the store and forced Melson and grocery store owner, Alex Alexander, into the freezer.

He then shot them in the back of the head at point-blank range to eliminate any witnesses. Melson died in the hospital a few hours later. Alexander became paralysed from the neck down and remained in hospital for four years before dying of heart failure.

White was arrested shortly after the attack and convicted of armed robbery and murder. He was sentenced to death and executed on December 4th 1995.


In Viña del Mar, Chile, serial killer duo Jorge José Sagredo Pizarro and Carlos Alberto Topp Collins, were captured after a one year rampage that left ten dead.

Collectively they were known as the Viña del Mar psychopaths (Psicópatas de Viña del Mar). Between August 1980 and November 1981, they killed ten people and committed four rapes.

They were later convicted of all the crimes they were charged with. On January 8th 1983, they were sentenced to death. On January 29th 1985, both men were executed by gunshot.

Theirs was the last execution before the death penalty was repealed in Chile in 2001.


In South King County, Washington, 17-year-old Delores Lavern Williams disappeared and was suspected kidnapped. She was last seen at a bus stop outside the Red Lion Inn on Pacific Highway South.

Her body was found on September 18th 1983 near South 53rd Street and Star Lake Road. On the same day, investigators searching the area found the body of Gail Matthews, who had disappeared on April 10th 1983.

Both were victims of Gary Ridgway, AKA: The Green River Killer, who would finally be arrested on November 30th 2001. He was convicted of 49 murders of women, who he had raped and strangled to death.

Though it is suspected he killed many more. Unsolved murder cases in the area are still being investigated as possible Green River victims.

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