True Crime On This Day March 5th

True Crime On This Day March 5th

March 5th

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In Karamara, Ethiopia, the Ethiopian Revolution was boosted with a victory over the Somalian forces. The Somalian forces suffered heavy defeat with their air force being destroyed and the Ethiopians chased the Somalians out of their territory.

The civil war ended in 1991, leaving an approximate 580,000 dead through casualty of war and over 1 million dead from famine.


In Staffordshire, England, Resham Kaur Dhillon was found strangled in her bedroom at her home in Willenhall. The area around Willenhall was usually quiet and safe, so the community were shocked to hear of a murder among them.

There had been no obvious break-in but some cash and gold had been stolen. Detectives in the case found information hard to come by as a veil of silence had enveloped people that were close to her.

As of 2022, the murder remains unsolved and police are still looking for information.


In Allentown, Pennsylvania, six-year-old Michelle Farr was abducted as she walked home from the shops. She had been seen at the Highway Superette shortly before.

Her body was discovered the next day in Lak Nockamixon, 20 miles from where she was abducted. Over 40 years later, Farr’s murder remains unsolved.

It is one of the most infamous unsolved child murders in the state. Investigators have reopened the case numerous times without success.


At Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Continental Airlines Flight 72 was hijacked by former airport worker Victor Malasauskas.

He had been fired from his job the day before and had purchased a first-class ticket on the flight from LAX to Phoenix, with the intention of hijacking it. A flight attendant noticed that he was carrying a concealed weapon and quietly emptied the plane before Malasauskas realised what was happening.

The cockpit crew eloped by climbing down an emergency rope from the cockpit window. Malasauskas took the remaining four passengers and two flight attendants’ hostage, claiming he had a bomb.

A few hours later, they were released through the back door and Malasauskas was arrested. He was later sentenced to 20 years in prison.


In Tallinn, Estonia, an active sailor, Eimar Vibo, was murdered by Estonian cannibal and serial killer Johannes-Andreas Hanni. After stabbing him to death, Hanni cut out a section of Vibo’s thigh and took it home.

He explained to his wife what he had done and that he wanted to try eating human flesh. He then fried the meat in a pan and ate it in front of her.

Hanni murdered three people in the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1982. He was arrested on October 2nd 1982 and killed himself a month later before he could go to trial.

His wife, Pille Hanni, spent 12 years in prison on charges of being an accessory to murder.


In Ramsey County, Minnesota, 21-year-old Bernard Joseph Hudalla disappeared after last being seen leaving his family’s home.

His brother was the last person to see him in the kitchen of their home before he left. Bernard left all his personal belongings behind including his wallet and vehicle.

Despite claims that he may have been depressed, investigators have never ruled out foul play and his case remains unsolved.

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