True Crime On This Day June 5th

True Crime On This Day June 5th

June 5th

On June 5th in true crime, serial killer, mystery disappearance, assassination, macabre discovery, unsolved crimes, and murder.


In Virginia Beach County, Virginia, 17-year-old Marcia Estelle Remick vanished without a trace. She was last seen by her roommate when she was leaving to visit a friend on the beach.

Remick was known to hitchhike to get around the region and investigators believed that she may have been picked up by someone with bad intentions.

Despite rumours that Remick went to Florida, investigators have long suspected that Remick was a victim of foul play. As of 2022, no trace of Remick has ever been found.


In County Antrim, Northern Ireland, 45-year-old Irish politician and activist John Turnley was assassinated while driving his car to a meeting with other councillors.

When his car stopped, three Ulster Defence Association (UDA) gunmen ambushed him and shot him dead in a flurry of gunfire. In 1982, three suspects were captured and sentenced to life in prison.

One of the men was Robert McConnell, who would go on to become vice-chairman of the West Belfast Ulster Unionist Association.


In Chattanooga, Tennessee, the skeletal remains of an unidentified man of unknown ethnicity were found at the back of a local business.

It was discovered when workers from Myer Business Machines began tidying the rear of the property. The body was lying on a sheet of plastic that appeared to have come from a mattress.

Due to how the skeleton was found, it is suspected he had been murdered. The circumstances of his death and identity remain unsolved.


In Sun Valley, California, 31-year-old Charles Rambert and 30-year-old Patricia Khan were shot dead by their landlord, Earl Preston Jones.

They had become involved in a dispute and Jones ordered them to leave the property he owned. When Rambert and Khan refused, Jones returned to the residence in the middle of the night and killed them with a shotgun while they slept.

He was arrested shortly after and refused to cooperate with his own lawyers. He was sentenced to death on February 22nd 1985 and died of natural causes in prison on February 3rd 2006.

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