True Crime On This Day June 25th

True Crime On This Day June 25th

June 25th

On June 25th in true crime, missing persons, failed assassination, unsolved homicide, serial killer Robert Danielson, missing child cold case.


Teenager Trudie Adams disappeared from a club in New South Wales, Australia. She was last seen hitchhiking and getting into an unknown car. Trudie has never been seen since.

Her disappearance is thought to be linked to the darker side of surfing and beach culture on the New South Wales coast.

It remains one of New South Wales’s biggest investigations. It has been suggested that her disappearance is linked to the same perpetrators who carried out 14 violent rapes in the area, which also remain unsolved.

The reward for information now stands at $250,000 Australian dollars.


Future United States Secretary of State, Alexander Meigs Haig Jr., survived an assassination attempt while serving office as the 7th Supreme Allied Commander of Europe.

While taking a usual route to his offices in Mons, Belgium, a land mine exploded under a bridge that Haig’s car was travelling on.

The bomb narrowly missed his car but injured three of his bodyguards in a leading vehicle. The explosion was attributed to the Red Army Faction.

Haig left the position shortly after, and in 1981 became the 59th U.S. Secretary of State, serving under Ronald Reagan’s Presidency.


In Syria, President Hafez al-Assad was injured by a bomb that exploded as he stepped out of his car. The attack had been planned by the Muslim Brotherhood during the visit of the President of Niger.

Assad survived the attack and retaliated by sending the Syrian Army to eradicate the Muslim Brotherhood, but they failed.

The primary backers of the Muslim Brotherhood were Qatar and Turkey. Yet, in Bahrain, Egypt, Russia, and Syria, they are considered a terrorist organisation.


In Salt Lake County, Utah, 39-year-old James Douglas Odom went missing. He was last seen leaving Albertson’s Grocery Store.

Two days later on June 27th, his body was discovered by two Kennecott Copper workers in an open field near a dirt road. He had been shot dead by an unknown assailant.

No suspect has ever been found and his murder remains unsolved. It is an active cold case in the State of Utah.


At the Twin Springs Campground, near Eugene, Oregon, 62-year-old Arthur Gray, Jr., was killed by a bullet to the back of the head. His body was left where he died as food for local wildlife.

He had been murdered by American serial killer Robert Wayne Danielson Jr., who killed seven people from 1970 to 1982. He was convicted of manslaughter in 1970 and paroled in 1981.

He was finally arrested again on April 7th 1984 and was sent to trial for his crimes in Oregon and then in California for the murders there. He was sentenced to life in Oregon and death in California.


In Jefferson County, Montana, four-year-old Nyleen Kay Marshall disappeared at a field day with her parents in the Elkhorn Mountains.

Her family were spending the day at a picnic area at the Helena National Forest when Nyleen disappeared in the mid-afternoon.

The two children that were with her claimed that a man who was jogging tried to talk to them but they ran away and couldn’t remember which way Nyleen had walked off.

A large search of the mountain area began, involving hundreds of volunteers, who explored mine shafts and various lakes in the area. Nine days later, the search was called off. The media reported it as an accident and the FBI claimed there was no evidence of foul play.

In November of 1985, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children received a call from an unidentified man claiming that he had abducted Nyleen and was raising her as his own daughter.

He claimed he had picked her up on the side of the road where she was crying and he decided to keep her. Despite a new investigation and increased interest in the case, no trace of Nyleen has ever been found.

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