True Crime On This Day June 24th

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True Crime On This Day June 24th

June 24th

On June 24th in true crime, assassinations, macabre discovery in New Jersey, murder in Texas, motel room body, and unsolved crimes.


Yemen Arab Republic President Ahmed al-Ghashmi was assassinated. It happened when he was meeting an envoy of the People’s Democratic Republic.

They had a briefcase, reportedly containing a secret message but it exploded, killing both al-Ghashmi and the envoy. The assassination remains unsolved.


In Sussex County, New Jersey, the skeletal remains of an unidentified 13 to 20-year-old female were discovered in a State Park.

The woodland area was only 300 feet from Route 23 and five miles off Route 84. The skeleton was found in multiple plastic bags that had been torn apart by animals.

The bones included both arms, a leg, and a skull. Tests showed that they had been severed from the rest of the body with a sharp implement. The main torso was never found.

Over 40 years later, the identity of the female remains a mystery, and the case remains unsolved.


In Houston, Texas, 18-year-old Sylvia Reyes was shot dead during a robbery at a service station. She had been killed by 17-year-old Robert Anthony Carter, who had previously been left brain-damaged after various incidents in his formative years.

He was arrested shortly after and confessed to another murder on June 19th during another robbery.

Amnesty International highlighted Carter’s case in their 1991 report and claimed multiple errors and human rights issues.

A delegation visited death row in 1997 and wrote; “The condemned await their deaths in rows of tiny cages reminiscent of the dark ages, their spirits are slowly broken. The conveyor belt of death in Texas must be stopped.

Despite his age at the time of the crime and the intervention of Amnesty International, Carter was sentenced to death for the murder and was executed on May 18th 1998.


In Atlantic City, New Jersey, the body of an unidentified man between the ages of 35 to 45-years-old was discovered in a motel room. He had been suffocated to death by an unidentified killer.

Cleaners at the motel found his body before noon the same day. He had a recognisable face, along with dental and fingerprint records available but he has never been identified.

Despite an investigation into his murder, the case remains unsolved.


In Rural, Utah, the decomposed body of a male in his Twenties was discovered by a Forest Service Ranger, under a woodland brush.

An investigation learned that he had been dead for at least two months and his cause of death could not be determined, but foul play has never been ruled out.

A note found near the body, had a list of two addresses and two phone numbers, none of which have ever been confirmed to exist. His identity and the cause of his death remains a mystery.

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