True Crime On This Day June 1st

True Crime On This Day June 1st

June 1st

On June 1st in true crime, deliberate air disaster, murder mystery in Washington D.C., robbery, cold case, and the Mad Hitchhiker.


In Japan, a 22-year-old mother of two, Yaeko Taguchi, was kidnapped by North Korean abductors in Tokyo and has not been seen since.

Her fate in North Korea remains unknown regardless of conflicting Japanese and North Korean reports. Taguchi was one of many Japanese women who were abducted by the North Koreans.


In Ashley County, Arkansas, Charles Singleton walked into a grocery store with the intention of robbing it. During the robbery, he stabbed to death 19-year-old grocery worker Mary Lou York, who managed to shout out during her attack.

Witnesses then saw Singleton leaving the scene covered in blood. York remained alive for a few hours longer and was able to identify Singleton as her attacker who was arrested immediately.

She died of her wounds the same day. Despite being diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, Singleton was sentenced to death. He was executed by lethal injection in Arkansas on January 6th 2004.


In Barra do Garças, Brazil, while flying a light aircraft, pilot Mauro Milhomem deliberately crashed the plane while aiming for the Hotel Presidente.

The single-engine aircraft hit a tree instead and killed seven people including himself and injured four others. It was the first case of suicide by a pilot in South America.

Milhomem had accused his wife of cheating and had earlier threatened to crash the plane into the hotel which was owned by his wife’s mother.

His wife took her own life just a few days after the crash. The event became known as the Barra do Garças Air Disaster.


Near Catholic University in Washington D.C., the body of chief of The Providence Journal and Evening Bulletin, Raymond Nels Nelson, was discovered in his apartment.

He had also been a staff member of Senator Claiborne Pell. Nelson had been killed by a heavy office typewriter and was found dead surrounded by newspapers and magazines.

Before police were allowed into the apartment, a senate staff member was allowed entry to remove so-called sensitive documents, which undoubtedly compromised evidence.

The investigation came under fire from family and the public, as no family members had been interviewed and evidence was allowed to ‘walk out the door’.

In November of the same year, a newspaper article claimed police had covered the investigation in a cloud of secrecy.

Decades later, a new investigation alleged the crime scene had been staged and called the previous investigation, faulty police work. The murder remains unsolved.


In Fairbanks, Alaska, 23-year-old Joseph Fiala disappeared under suspicious circumstances. He was last heard of when he told his family he was moving to a town called Foxhole and had got a job with the Alaskan Highway Department.

He said he would be building a cabin in the area and gave the address as General Delivery, Foxhole, Alaska. It was suspicious because Foxhole does not exist as a town in Alaska.

Investigators believe he had been met with foul play and no trace of Fiala has ever been found. His case remains open and unsolved.


In Hamilton County, Ohio, Michael Francis Beuke, AKA: The Mad Hitchhiker, was picked up by 27-year-old Robert Craig.

The following day, Craig’s body was discovered in a roadside ditch in nearby Clermont County. He had been shot twice in the head and once in the chest. Just over two weeks earlier on May 14th, Gregory Wahoff had picked Beuke up after seeing him hitchhiking.

Wahoff was then forced at gunpoint to drive to rural Hamilton County but Wahoff tried to run. Beuke shot him in the back and face and left him for dead. Wahoff was paralysed for life due to his injuries and died of associated complications more than a decade later.

The same gun used to injure Wahoff was used to kill Craig. Police made the connection after another attack on June 3rd and subsequently arrested Beuke who was witnessed hitchhiking multiple times in the area.

Wahoff and a later victim testified against him. Beuke was found guilty of murder along with two counts of attempted murder. He was sentenced to death and executed by lethal injection in Ohio on May 13th 2010.

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