True Crime On This Day February 6th

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True Crime On This Day February 6th

February 6th

On February 6th in true crime, double murder cold case, convictions, robbery, Atlanta child murders, and triple murder rampage in Florida.


In Allegany, New York, 30-year-old Stephen C. Bender and 29-year-old Michael R. Forness were found murdered at the Wing Hollow Ski Corporation where they were both employees.

They were discovered in the early hours, having been shot multiple times.

The motive appeared to be robbery as a safe had been removed which contained approximately $18,000 in various currencies.

The empty safe was later discovered beneath the Vandalia Bridge in the Allegheny River. As of 2022, the murders remain unsolved ,and they are an active cold case in the state of New York.


In Beauford County, South Carolina, John H. Plath and his cousin John Arnold, were convicted of the rape, torture and murder of 33-year-old Betty Gardner on April 12th 1978.

She had been hitchhiking to visit her father when she was picked up by the cousins.

They ended up raping, stabbing and strangling her before carving ‘KKK’ onto her body. Both Plath and Arnold were sentenced to death for the crime and were both executed in 1998.


In Harris County, Texas, 22-year-old Donna Kate Thomas was shot dead in her own apartment. Darryl Elroy Stewart and an accomplice had broken into her home with the intention of robbing her.

When Thomas refused to have sex with him, he shot her at close range, killing her instantly. Both Stewart and his accomplice were caught shortly after.

The accomplice received 20 years in prison for pleading guilty to robbery. Stewart was sentenced to death for murder and executed by lethal injection in Texas on May 3rd 1993.


In Atlanta, Georgia, 12-year-old Patrick Baltazar was strangled to death and his body found shortly after.

His murder came one day after the macabre discovery of 14-year-old Lubie Geter, who had disappeared on January 3rd. Baltazar was the 16th victim of the infamous Atlanta Murders.

They were a series of murders committed in Atlanta from July 1979 to May 1981 and included the deaths of at least 28 children and adults.


In Duval County, Florida, Richard Padgett, his girlfriend Nancy Sheppard, and Jody Dalton, were shot and killed.

They were murdered by Tommy Sands Groover and Robert Parker, who earlier in the night had forced Padgett to leave a nightclub where he was drinking with Sheppard, over an unpaid drug deal.

They took him to a remote woodland area, where they shot him and cut his throat.

The pair then picked up Dalton from another bar, took her to a lake, raped her and shot her dead, before dumping her body in the lake, weighed down with concrete blocks.

They then kidnapped Sheppard from her home with a man named Billy Long. They drove them to where Padgett had been killed and claimed that the same thing would happen to Long if he didn’t kill Sheppard.

Long then shot Sheppard, while Parker and Groover stabbed her to death, throwing her body in a ditch with Padgett. Long was sentenced to 30 years in prison, released in 1990, and died in 1993.

Parker was sentenced to death which was commuted to life in 1994. Groover was sentenced to death and remains on death row to this day.


In Putnam County, Florida, the body of 75-year-old Lima Smith was discovered in the bedroom of her home. Smith’s body was found by her brother, who became worried about her when she failed to answer the door.

She had been raped then stabbed multiple times in the face and neck. Several weeks later, after admitting the crime to a friend, Joel Dale Wright was arrested and charged with Smith’s murder.

He confessed to killing Smith because she saw him in the hallway and could identify him. He was later sentenced to death, and as of 2022, he remains on death row.

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