True Crime On This Day February 5th

True Crime On This Day February 5th

February 5th

On February 5th in true crime, Cobblecreek mystery murder, serial killers, cold case disappearance, vanished without a trace, unsolved murders.


In Salt Lake City, Corazon Frandsen was severely beaten in the parking lot of her apartment block, Cobblecreek Apartments.

She was found the following morning in the bushes of a church close to the parking lot. She was unconscious at the time she was found and died a short while later at the hospital as a result of blunt force trauma injuries and exposure to the elements.

The case became more interesting, when on March 3rd 1978, Robert Dean Lancaster appeared in court for the murder of 24-year-old Patricia Luann Cobb.

Cobb lived in the same apartment block as Frandsen, but the cases didn’t match. Frandsen’s murder remains a mystery and an unsolved cold case to this day.

Could Cobblecreek Apartments hold the secret to the mystery?


In Vologda Oblast, Soviet Union, Nikolay Alexandrovich Sakharov, AKA: The Vologda Ripper, was executed by firing squad for the murders of three girls in 1977.

He confessed to the three murders and the rape of two of them. He killed by hitting them over the head with a hammer or beating them to death. He then burned the bodies, shattered the skulls, wrapped them in a rag and threw them into a nearby river.

Some of the trophies he took from his victims, he ended up giving to his mistresses. His trial was one of the largest in the region.


In Half Moon Bay, California, 23-year-old William Robert Prescott disappeared without a trace. He had last been seen driving a white 1964 International Harvester pickup truck.

Despite being well-liked in the community and having no reason to vanish, no trace of Prescott has ever been found. Investigators have long suspected foul play.


In Ottawa, Canada, 10-year-old Lonnie Philip Boudreau climbed out of his family’s basement window and vanished without a trace. His family reported him missing shortly after.

After a few days, his name was known across the city as people searched for him far and wide. Initially, police believed he had runaway and was enjoying his newfound fame from afar.

They put this down to the boy’s cockiness and previous shoplifting charges. But as time went on, they realised he really had completely disappeared.

As years turned to decades, his family still make campaigns for him to come home, believing he had eloped of his own accord. Despite numerous sightings over the years, no trace of Lonnie has ever been found.

He remains a missing persons case with the Ottawa police, with some investigators believing he had been met with foul play.


In Eugene, Oregon, 55-year-old Virginia Lee Ringo disappeared after leaving her residence. She left all of her personal belongings behind including her clothing and purse.

Her family reported her missing shortly after. No trace of Ringo has ever been found and her case remains unsolved.


In Marin County, California, 21-year-old Stacey Lee Lynch and her boyfriend, 26-year-old James Howard Boyle, disappeared in the Golden Gate National Recreational Areas.

Despite many theories, it is suspected they had accidentally fallen from the Marin Headlands Cliffs into the Pacific Ocean. They are still listed as missing persons as no trace of them has ever been found.

On the same day, in Snohomish, Washington, 17-year-old Mitchell Leslie Darlington jumped into the Snohomish River.

He was last spotted swimming towards the Maple Street boat launch. Despite being presumed drowned, his body has never been recovered and he too is listed as a missing person.

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