True Crime On This Day December 4th

True Crime On This Day December 4th

December 4th

On December 4th in true crime, triple murderer sentenced to 10,000 years, robbery murder, serial killer, and unidentified bodies.


During a home-invasion robbery in Palm Beach County, Florida, Paul William Scott bludgeoned to death home owner James Aleesi. Scott and accomplice Richard Kondian entered the home of Aleesi and beat him to death.

A day later, Aleesi’s nude body was discovered on his sofa covered in blood. He had been bound with electrical cable and had been beaten so badly that his skull had been fractured. Scott was arrested one month later and sentenced to death in December 1979.


In the United Kingdom, British serial killer Bruce George Peter Lee was arrested, and convicted of 26 murders. He would kill by setting fire to people’s houses with the owners inside and media rarely spoke about Lee at the time.

Because his convictions were manslaughter rather than murder, he was mostly forgotten about. The murders of Peter Sutcliffe, AKA: The Yorkshire Ripper, had taken precedent in the country, with a media circus surrounding his case instead.


In Cleveland, Ohio, 69-year-old Polish-American track and field athlete Stanisława ‘Stella Walsh’ Walasiewicz was shot and killed during an armed robbery in a car park.

Walsh won an Olympic Gold Medal in the 100 metres event at the 1932 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. The suspects in her death were never caught. A coroner’s report showed that Walsh had a non-functioning underdeveloped penis, and had cells containing both female and male chromosomes.

Her birth record showed that she was female and legally a woman but considering the autopsy reports, some people have campaigned for her track and field records to be removed. The controversy surrounding her biological sex still goes on to this day.


In Alabama, triple murderer Dudley Wayne Kyzer was sentenced to two life sentences and 10,000 years in prison.

He had been convicted of the Halloween 1976 killing of his estranged wife, Diane Kyzer, her mother, and a college student who just happened to be in the residence at the time. It remains the highest sentence in years that anyone has ever received.

However, Kyzer has applied for parole ten times because Alabama law set a minimum of one-third of the sentence, or 10 years, whichever was less. Seeing as 10 years is less than 3,333, he is suspected to make parole at some point in the 2020s.


In Moss Point, Mississippi, 18-month-old Alisha Ann Heinrich was thrown from the Interstate 10 bridge into the Escatawpa River, where she drowned.

Her body was found 36 hours later, and she had been smothered at the time of her death. At the time of the discovery, she hadn’t been identified and was known simply as Delta Dawn. 38 years later, on December 4th 2020, investigators announced that Heinrich had been identified via genetic genealogy research.

Heinrich and her mother, 23-year-old Gwendolyn Mae Clemons, had been missing since November 24th 1982, from Kansas City, Missouri.

A witness claimed to have seen Clemons with a child on or around the 3rd or 4th of December. Another witness claimed to have seen an adult’s body in the water, but no trace of Clemons has ever been found. Heinrich’s murder remains unsolved.


In Los Angeles, California, the decomposing remains of an Asian female in her Thirties was found in a box car, near an industrial site. There were empty bottles of Chinese medicine found near the body.

Despite the belief that the female had taken her own life, the cause of death could not be determined, and as such, foul play has never been ruled out. Due to the decomposition, her identity remains a mystery.

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