True Crime On This Day December 30th

True Crime On This Day December 30th

December 30th

On December 30th in true crime, multiple bank assaults, serial killer in Los Angeles, cold cases, unsolved murder, and gruesome discovery.


In England, Dennis Nilsen, AKA: The Muswell Hill Murderer, killed his first victim, 14-year-old Stephen Holmes. Dennis Nilsen is one of Britain’s most infamous serial killers.

Some see him as the British version of Jeffrey Dahmer and in a lot of ways, the similarities are striking. They both killed gay men and they made their first kill within five months of each other in 1978.

Nilsen killed 15, Dahmer killed 17, and they both carried out necrophilia acts upon the bodies of their victims.


Near Goleta, 100 miles northwest of Los Angeles, Dr. Robert Offerman and Alexandria Manning were killed in their home. Although remaining a cold case for decades, a new investigation linked serial killer Joseph James DeAngelo to the murders.

DeAngelo’s DNA was a 100% match for him being the East Area Rapist, The Original Night Stalker, and the Golden State Killer. He is one of America’s most prolific serial killers.


In Santiago, Chile, armed units of the Revolutionary Left Movement (MIR), carried out robberies and attacks on three banks at the same time.

Shoot-outs took place all over the city, leaving three people dead and at least two more injured. Among the dead are a bank security guard and two police officers.

The brazen assaults had seen the MIR escalate their attacks on the city. The MIR carried out numerous attacks in the early 1980s during the Armed Resistance in Chile which lasted from 1973 to 1990.


In Manila, Philippines, Filipino film actor Alfonso Serrano Anido, better known as Alfie Anido, was allegedly murdered on the night of his 22nd birthday. He had been shot by an unknown assailant.

Shortly after his death, rumours spread that other media personalities were covering up the events of the night to protect themselves.

Some newspapers at the time suspected the family of an ex-girlfriend whose father was a high-ranking government official, Minister of Defence Juan Ponce Enrile.

However, many investigators suspect he was shot by Jack Enrile, who was the brother of Anido’s then girlfriend, Katrina Enrile, but he denies any involvement.

The death of Anido is one of the Philippine’s most infamous unsolved murders.


In Hillsborough County, Florida, the skeletal remains of an unidentified adult female were discovered. She had been found by hikers in an orange grove.

Blue jeans and panties were found near to the body but she had no other identifying features. Due to the way the remains were found, it is suspected that she was met with foul play.

Despite full dental records, her identity remains a mystery, and her case unsolved.


In Huntington Beach, California, 19-year-old former basketball star at Marina High School, Antaya Yvette Howard, was murdered. Her body was found the next morning inside her vehicle.

She had been beaten and strangled during an attempted rape by Martin James Kipp, who had been seen drinking with her at a bar earlier the same evening.

His fingerprints were found on the inside of Howard’s car. He was arrested shortly after and subsequently sentenced to death for Howard’s murder and the murder of 19-year-old Tiffany Frizzell, who was killed in September.

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