True Crime On This Day December 22nd

True Crime On This Day December 22nd

December 22nd

On December 22nd in true crime, murder in Ireland, serial killer in Russia, cold case in New Jersey, cop killer and mystery disappearance.


In Russia, Andrei Chikatilo lured nine-year-old Yelena Zakotnova into a secretly purchased house where he attempted to rape her.

He failed to maintain an erection and because of her moaning and struggling, he strangled and stabbed her to death.

In an interview after his arrest, he stated that in the process of stabbing the child he found himself ejaculating. 1978 was the beginning of the reign of Russia’s most evil serial killer.


In Kildare, Ireland, 23-year-old Phyllis Murphy went missing, leading to a big investigation in the area. When her belongings were found in a field a few days later, detectives feared the worst and a murder enquiry was set up.

Four weeks later, her nude body was discovered among trees at Ballinagee Bridge, she had been raped, beaten and strangled to death.

It was 23 years later, in 2002, when Army sergeant John Crerar was finally convicted of her murder.


in Burlington County, New Jersey, the decomposed body of an unidentified white adult male was discovered in an abandoned garage.

He had been strangled to death before being dismembered at least six months earlier. Despite the horrific nature of the murder, no suspect has ever been found and the case remains unsolved.

The victim has dental records and DNA available but attempts to identify him have been unsuccessful.


In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, at just gone midnight Police Officer’s John Machajewski and Charles Mehlberg were shot and killed while responding to an armed robbery call at Alfred’s House of Bourbon.

As they approached the bar, a man ran by them carrying a woman’s bag, so they pursued him. The 19-year-old suspect then ambushed the pair and shot them, killing them instantly.

He was later arrested and sentenced to two life sentences and 110 years in prison.


In Hallandale Beach, Florida, 36-year-old Police Officer William S. Hart was shot dead when he caught a man trying to break into his van.

Hart was at his apartment in the 200 block of SE 9th Court when he got into a struggle with the man. He died of his injuries at the scene.

Shortly after, the prime suspect was stabbed to death in an unrelated incident. Though, some investigators believe the true suspect is still at large. Hart’s murder remains unsolved.


In Skagit County, Washington State, 31-year-old Christine Civille disappeared under suspicious circumstances, on one of the coldest days of the year.

She was reported missing by her boyfriend, Jack Huxtable, who claimed she had left the small boat they were in after it froze up.

They were on their way to the houseboat they lived in together near Fish Town. Huxtable reported that the motor of the boat they were in froze up and Christine got off the boat near a sand bank with the intention of walking to her car and driving to her family home.

Some of her personal belongings, including her car keys, were found in the area where she was reported to have been let off the boat. She never made it to her car.

Despite a large search, no trace of Christine has ever been found. Huxtable later changed his name to Bleigh Maze.

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