True Crime On This Day April 26th

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True Crime On This Day April 26th

April 26th

On April 26th in true crime, cold cases, double murder in Maryland, South Korea murder rampage, unsolved crimes, and mysteries.


In Dallas, Texas, a 56-year-old grandmother shot dead 38-year-old Woodrow Porter at Paul Dunbar Elementary School. Porter was a janitor who had allegedly spanked the eight-year-old grandson of the shooter.

After a heated argument, she pulled a pistol from her handbag and shot Porter in the chest, killing him instantly. Reports of Porter spanking her grandchild have never been proven.


In Howard County, Maryland, 58-year-old Carvel Faulkner and his wife, 56-year-old Sara Faulkner were brutally murdered in their own home. Carvel had been shot to death and Sara had been beaten and stabbed.

They had been murdered by Vernon Lee Clark who killed at least five people between 1979 and 1989 when he was arrested.

He was convicted in 1991 of the murder of 23-year-old Kathleen Gouldin who had been raped and shot dead in her home.

It was while he was serving a life sentence that new DNA technology linked him to the Faulkner murders. He received another life sentence in February of 2001.


In Denver, Colorado, 24-year-old Enrique Perez was shot dead outside of the La Fiesta Lounge, shortly after closing. He had been drinking there with friends for most of the evening and had left alone.

He was rushed to hospital where he died of his injuries. Despite multiple witnesses and leads, the murder remains unsolved.

Perez worked at Stapleton Airport where the body of 48-year-old Robert Fatzinger was found in the trunk of his car on September 8th 1980. There were no connections between the murders.


In Brownfield, Texas, 17-year-old Dianna Bryant was killed in an apartment while babysitting for a local family. Her death went unsolved for three years when serial killer Henry Lee Lucas confessed to her murder.

However, it was one of almost 3,000 murders that he and the agencies questioning him, took credit for. Because of the confession, the case went cold again until a local newspaper ran a story on the murder 25 years later.

A new investigation began and claimed there were more questions than answers surrounding her death. Many cold case investigators believe Lucas was not responsible for the murder and that an unidentified killer may still be on the loose.

Lucas died in Huntsville prison in 2001. Bryant’s murder case has now been reopened but remains unsolved.


In one of South Korea’s worst spree killings, 27-year-old Woo Bum-kon went on a two-day rampage that left 57 dead and 35 wounded.

Bum-kon was a South Korean policeman who carried out the attacks in several villages in South Gyeongsang Province. He used his position as a policeman to gain entry to people’s homes where he shot them dead. He then went house to house committing the same act.

As police closed in, Bum-kon detonated two grenades, killing himself and three of his hostages. His rampage was the deadliest known mass murder committed by a lone gunman in modern history until the Norway attacks of July 22nd 2011.


In Monmouth County, New Jersey, 17-year-old Marko Bey claimed his second and final victim, 47-year-old Carol Peniston.

Bey accosted Peniston in front of her apartment with the intention of robbing her but when he heard someone else approaching, he dragged her into a nearby shed. There, he raped her, beat her up, stomped on her chest, and strangled her to death.

Just three weeks earlier, he had kidnapped 19-year-old Cheryl Alston. She was raped and viciously beaten to death. Her nude and mutilated body was found in a vacant parking lot in Ocean City.

Bey was arrested shortly after Peniston’s murder and convicted after physical evidence linked him to both murders. He received two death sentences in two separate trials and was later resentenced to life in prison.

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