SIX True Crime Series & Documentaries to Look Forward to in 2023

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Death in the Dorms (Hulu)

This true crime series, produced by ABC Studios, follows the true story of six college students whose lives ended in tragic murder.

The first of six episodes airs in early January 2023. Episode one will look at the death of Andrea DelVesco, who died in a fire at a sorority apartment building.

The other five episodes looks at the deaths of Christian Aguilar, Yeardley Love, Michael Deng, Samantha Josephson, and Katie Autry.

Death in the Dorms will be released in January 2023 and will be available to watch on Hulu. Outside the U.S. it is likely to be shown on Disney+ due to Disney owning ABC.

The Gold (BBC/Paramount+)

The cast of The Gold. (Source: BBC)

Based on the infamous Brink’s-Mat robbery of 1983, this BBC and Paramount+ drama stars Hugh Bonneville, Dominic Cooper, Jack Lowden, Sean Harris, and Charlotte Spencer.

The series is based on the robbery in which six armed men broke into the security depot neat Heathrow airport. They made off with £26million worth of gold bullion, among other goods.

The robbery is infamous as the disposal of the gold caused the birth of large-scale international money laundering and left murder and controversy in its wake.

Police at the site of the robbery. Credit: The Guardian

It is believed that a small percentage of all gold jewellery in the world can trace its origins to the Brink’s-Mat gold.

The Gold is due to be released in 2023 on BBC One, iPlayer, and Paramount+.

Tokyo Crime Squad: The Lucie Blackman Case (Netflix)

Lucie Blackman, the subject of the documentary.

This 1h40m documentary follows the turbulent and complex investigation into the killing of British tourist Lucie Blackman.

Lucie Blackman was raped and killed by Joji Obara, a Korean Japanese serial rapist who attacked at least 150 women. Some reports put the figure at almost 400.

In July 2000, Obara drugged Lucie before killing her and dismembering her body. He buried the remains in a shallow grave under a bathtub at a seaside resort. The remains were found in February 2001.

The documentary includes interviews with the Japanese detectives who led the case and never-before seen footage from the time.

Tokyo Crime Squad: The Lucie Blackman Case, is due to be released in 2023 on Netflix. Produced by Netflix, Beach House Pictures, and Vesuvius Pictures.

Untitled Bitfinex Hack Series (Netflix)

Alleged crypto launderers Heather R. Morgan and Ilya ‘Dutch’ Lichtenstein. (Source: Intelligencer).

A new and as yet untitled true crime series from Chris Smith, the man behind ‘FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened’, and ‘Tiger King’.

The limited series is set to be about the 2016 hack of Bitfinex, a cryptocurrency exchange in which 120,000 Bitcoin were stolen.

The culprits were said to be Ilya ‘Dutch’ Lichtenstein and Heather Morgan who were arrested in February 2022, attempting to launder the estimated $4.5billion worth of Bitcoin.

The series will land at some point in 2023 on Netflix.

Web of Death (Hulu)

A long overdue look at the investigations of online web sleuths. Each episode focuses on one amateur detective and case.

The episodes look at how they use digital footprints, DNA databases and the power of social media to solve gruesome, mysterious, and bizarre murder cases.

The docuseries looks at the persistence, attention to detail and vast investigatory networks that help web sleuths surpass their official counterparts.

Web of Death will be released in January 2023 and will be available to watch on Hulu. Outside the U.S. it is likely to be shown on Disney+ due to Disney owning Hulu.

Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street (Netflix)

The production of the Bernie Madoff docuseries secured the rights to the book ‘Madoff Talks: Uncovering the Untold Story Behind the Most Notorious Ponzi Scheme in History’.

The author, Jim Campbell, spent a decade talking to Bernie Madoff while he was in prison, and will also be interviewed in what could be the biggest true crime series of 2023.

This is an exciting true crime series as it is being produced by Joe Berlinger, who brought us, among others, ‘Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes’, ‘Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich’ and ‘The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel’.

The series will tell the rise and fall of Bernie Madoff, who was the con artist behind a decades-long, multi-billion-dollar Ponzi scheme. Many of the victims suffered a devastating financial and human toll.

Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street, is due to air on Netflix some time in 2023.

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