House of Hammer: Five Things to Know About the Armie Hammer Discovery+ Documentary

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House of Hammer, which has nothing to do with the British horror movie studio, is out now on Discovery+. Though Hammer Time might have been a better title.

House of Hammer: Five Things to Know About the Armie Hammer Discovery+ Documentary
Promotional image for House of Hammer. Credit: Discovery+/YouTube

What is House of Hammer about?

The official write-up readers like a historical novel.

Debauchery. Deceit. Abuse. Addiction. Corruption. Over the course of five generations, the men in the Hammer family have more secrets and scandals than any vault can contain. Armie Hammer’s alleged crimes are only the tip of the iceberg.’

Through a trove of archives and interviews from survivors and family members, the dark and twisted secrets of the Hammer family come to light. Behind the money and power lies a dysfunctional dynasty with its male characters exhibiting all the devastating consequences of privilege gone wild.

Where can I find a trailer?

The trailer, which has been viewed 2.5million times is available on YouTube.

Who is featured in House of Hammer?

The documentary features Armie Hammer’s ex-partners Courtney Vucekovich and Julia Morrison, and his aunt Casey Hammer. Though Morrison never met Armie in real life.

Casey stated that she could no longer keep quiet over the secrets surrounding her family name and is featured heavily in the latter parts of the program. Casey has not been in contact with Armie for at least the past decade.

The documentary explores some of the recent media coverage surrounding Armie Hammer. More importantly, Armie Hammer does not appear to give his side of the story. Why is this important?

House of Hammer is based on allegations only

Only time will tell whether the allegations turn out to be true or not. The fact of the matter is that Armie Hammer has never been charged despite the accusations against him.

There are many fans of Armie Hammer who believe his life has been torn apart by stalkers, false allegations, and a witch-hunt for his family.

There have been many true crime documentaries released where the subject has not been able to defend themselves. But in many of those cases, the subject has already been convicted, found guilty, or passed away.

Armie Hammer is very much alive, and at the present time, has not been charged with any of the allegations against him.

The phrase ‘innocent before proven guilty’ seems very apt here.

As it stands, House of Hammer is best described as an exploration of the media stories surrounding him, accentuated by his accusers.

Where to watch House of Hammer?

House of Hammer is available to watch on Discovery+ from 2nd September 2022.

In the UK, Discovery+ is currently available as an add-on channel through Amazon Prime or Apple.


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