Exorcist Claims the Vatican Were Involved in the Disappearances of Two Girls | True Crime Shorts

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In Rome, Italy, on May 7th 1983, 15-year-old Mirella Gregori disappeared under suspicious circumstances.

She was last seen leaving her mother’s home after telling her she was going on a date with an unidentified former school friend.

She vanished 40 days before 15-year-old Emanuela Orlandi also disappeared in Rome.

Orlandi was a citizen of Vatican City and many theories have arisen over time regarding both of their disappearances.

Exorcist Claims the Vatican Were Involved in the Disappearances of Two Girls | True Crime Shorts
Tiber River with St Peter’s Basilica in the background.

Both cases were linked to the Grey Wolves, who were a Turkish extremist group calling for the release Mehmet Ali Ağca, the assassin who had shot and wounded Pope John Paul II in Saint Peter’s Square in 1981.

They had allegedly kidnapped the girls and would release them when Ağca was released. However, the Grey Wolves involvement has long been disputed.

In 2011, former Banda della Magliana member Antonio Mancini claimed that the girls had been kidnapped as one of a number of strikes that the gang was making against the Vatican.

In 2012, cold case investigators were approached by 85-year-old exorcist Father Gabriele Amorth. He claimed that an unidentified member of the Vatican Police kidnapped the girls to be used in sex parties and then murdered when they were no longer useful.

Amorth also claimed that senior officials of nearby embassies were involved in the sex parties.

The case continues to be reported on as recently as July 2020 when forensic investigators were running tests on thousands of bones found in underground tombs in Vatican City.

No trace of the girls has ever been found and their case remains unsolved.

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