Download and Keep Two True Crime Books For FREE

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Download and Keep Two True Crime Books For FREE

It is as simple as that!

Get two true crime books absolutely FREE!

Not sure what else to add to that as I want the whole process to be as easy as one, two, three. You’re literally getting two true crime books for free.

The first book is The World’s Greatest and Dumbest Heists, Thieves & Robberies. The book contains ten true crime stories that’ll have you scratching your head and locking up your valuables in a more secure manner.

The second book you get for absolutely free is the Monsters of True Crime Taster Book, a new series dedicated to real-life monsters. Inside, you’ll read real-life true crime stories about vampires, cannibals, cults, and witchcraft – enough to give you nightmares.

Both books are available for FREE – in case you didn’t catch on already. They are exclusive to my subscribers and will not be found anywhere else.

Download your two free true crime books today!


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