Built on the belief that true crime is a subject important to historical study.

Truecrimelists.com was launched with the sole objective of finding and sharing informative and interesting true crime facts. Real life crime is a fascinating and valuable area of historical study for people of all ages.

I hope that you find this site helpful, informative, entertaining, and interesting.

Mission Statement

To feed an eternal curiosity about the dark side of human nature and society in relation to historical studies.

Where there are no recognised academic true crime courses, the site’s mission is to explore the world of true crime in such a way that it can help better inform and fascinate both researchers and readers alike.

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Who is behind True Crime Lists?

I’m Ben Oakley, a bestselling true crime and wellbeing author, with nine years of experience in the publishing industry. My first book foray into true crime was published in 2019; a thesis on the prevalence of serial killers in the year 1978.

Since then, I’ve authored over 30 true crime books, and discussed the subject on radio shows, podcasts, and other blogs. My books include the Bizarre True Crime series and Monstrous Serial Killers. I’m currently working on a true crime documentary film with my company Twelvetrees Camden!

I’m a professional writer who spills out 10,000 words/day on average. True Crime Lists was originally my outlet for more content than I could ever have put in my books. It has since grown to become something far greater than I could ever have imagined, and that’s down to you.

Thank you for being here, but more importantly, stay safe!