10 True Crime Podcasts to Check Out in September 2022

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True crime podcasts can help unveil the secrets, expose the demons within, and understand the world around us. They are a vital part of true crime history and can help offer new perspectives on historical or modern stories.

Here are 10 true crime podcasts to check out in September 2022!

1. Blue Murder Club

We’re a new true crime podcast who loves a bit of Kevin Bacon.

Welcome to our true crime podcast, Blue Murder Club. Every episode will see us open up a true crime case and dig deep, discuss and conclude.

2. Enmeshed

The Enmeshed true crime podcast is a weekly audio journey covering the darker side of family dynamics. Hosts Amanda and her Mom, Pam, guide you through intriguing lesser-known cases and famous crime stories, involving DNA, entangled family members who commit crimes together and what makes them tick.

Loyalty, blurred boundaries, adapting to demands and expectations of others, abuse…all define enmeshed relationship patterns and a lack of independence. The results can be detrimental! Join us every Monday for fresh takes on stale relationships.

And remember, some of the most poisonous people come disguised as a family.

3. Sipping with Snapped

Welcome to Sipping with Snapped a true crime podcast. Your hosts, Mary and Kylie, are a mother/daughter duo who are intrigued with true crime and enjoy discussing it while enjoying an adult beverage.

Some material may be disturbing with its adult content and alcohol. We try to censor our language, however do discuss murder.

To join in on the conversation, find us on Instagram or join our Facebook group “Sipping with Snapped a true crime podcast” where we discuss the episodes, wine and all things Snapped.

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4. Crime of the Truest Kind

Centered on New England crime stories, regional history, empathy for victims & families with Boston radio personality Anngelle Wood.

5. Citizen Detective

Citizen Detective is hosted by Mike Morford, Alex Ralph, and cold case analyst Dr. Lee Mellor.

Each episode of Citizen Detective is recorded live alongside armchair detectives and Citizen Sleuths, and the team is joined by special guests and experts from the world of true crime in an effort to crowd-solve perplexing mysteries and cold cases

6. Weird Distractions

Weird Distractions Podcast is a weekly show where hosts, Alex & Christie, discuss weird cases of true crime, conspiracy theories, paranormal stories, folklore and more to provide a distraction from everyday life.

7. Complicit Podcast

Where is Lauren Dumolo? Listen to the award-winning docuseries piecing the puzzle together.

Complicit follows the story of 29 year old Lauren Dumolo, who vanished from her home in Cape Coral, FL, on June 19, 2020. Her disappearance has baffled her family, friends, and even the police investigating her case.

When Lauren’s belongings mysteriously begin appearing in a nearby park, the investigation is escalated, and the community rallies to search for this beautiful missing woman. But certain people close to Lauren are keeping their distance…the question is: why?

Someone knows something; someone is COMPLICIT.

8. The Criminal Satirist

The Criminal Satirist is a true crime podcast bringing you brief stories of cults, murder, abuse, mayhem, all with a sprinkling of sarcasm.

9. The True Crime Enthusiast

Welcome to The True Crime Enthusiast Podcast, which started off life as a weekly written blog in 2016, and has now made the jump into a weekly one man and his mic, matter of fact straight talking podcast.

In it, the host Paul looks at and recounts in-depth true crime cases from the UK and Ireland – solved or unsolved crimes, but more often than not the lesser known and obscure ones.

10. The Sirens Podcast

The Sirens Podcast is a Southwestern true crime podcast from creator Raven Rollins where she discusses cases from her former hometown as well as other southwestern & deep south states.

In Seasons 3 & 4, you’ll hear plenty of special guests who are experts in their fields visit with Raven on each episode. 

As always, you can expect helpful resources for the average Joe, like: reporting a crime, finding a safe haven from domestic violence, protection apps like Noon Light, and more. With notorious and unknown cases alike, every victim sees the light on our show.

Raven hosts the show and brings in a round table of cohosts who best fits the case at hand in each episode. In season 3 forward, she is usually accompanied by Professor Mandy McNeely, Rick Rollins, Simon Vaughn, Scarlett Halter, or Jean Gray.

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